Beat the Fall Rush: Have Your Chimney Swept in the Summer

As fall weather approaches, many people begin to think of cozy fall and winter days. These thoughts will spur them on to get their chimney inspected and cleaned, so that these thoughts can turn into reality. Unfortunately, the phone lines may be busy. Why? Simply because so many people put this task off until that time of year! So this year, think ahead and schedule that inspection and cleaning for the summer!

House Fire - Aurora IL - Pozzi ChimneyWhy Inspections Are So Important

After a winter of using your fireplace, the inside of your chimney will need to be cleaned out. The chimney is the main passage of escape for the various fire extracts that are produced by your fire. Unfortunately, over the course of the winter a build-up of creosote can take place. According to the GuideOne Insurance website, creosote is a mix of water vapor, unburned wood particles, tar fog, and various minerals. Over time it can coat the inside of your fireplace. If left untended, this thick build-up can be the cause of chimney fires! According to the Dave Your Home Inspector website, “[A] build-up of as little as 1/8 to ¼ inch of creosote is sufficient to create a fire hazard.” Quality chimney sweeps, like those at Pozzi Chimney Sweep, are trained to clear your chimney of this dangerous build-up.

After Your Chimney Has Been Swept

After having your chimney inspected and cleaned, it is important to keep your chimney free of debris, leaves, or grasses. They may blow into your chimney and block air flow. This debris can cause a backup of toxic gasses and a blockage of air flow, once you start using your fireplace again. Birds and animals can also choose to use your chimney as a place to build their nests. This can also cause a blockage that you may not notice, until you begin using your chimney again. How do you prevent this from happening? Make sure that your chimney cap is in good shape! A quality chimney service company, such as Pozzi Chimney Sweep, will make sure that all parts of your chimney are in good shape and ready for winter use.

Choosing Your Chimney Maintenance Professionals

It is important to choose chimney care professionals that you can trust. Be sure that the company you choose has technicians that are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Pozzi Chimney Sweep is a member of the Chimney Safety Institute of America, the National Chimney Sweep Guild, and the Better Business Bureau. The professionals at Pozzi Chimney Sweep pride themselves in offering quality service at a fair price. This way you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of a cozy fireplace knowing that safety and efficiency is assured.

Have your chimney inspected and cleaned in the summer. By doing so, assures that you have plenty of time to schedule repairs or rebuilds before cold weather sets in. Be ready to enjoy the comfort of a crackling fire next winter, confident that your fireplace is safe and running efficiently!