Chimney Cleaning Logs Don’t Replace A Professional Chimney Sweeping

Trust the certified pros at Pozzi Chimney Sweep for complete peace of mind with your chimney and fireplace.

Trust the certified pros at Pozzi Chimney Sweep for complete peace of mind with your chimney and fireplace.

Chimney cleaning logs are not a bad product to use in your fireplace. They are made with certain chemicals inside of them that are then dispersed into your chimney as you enjoy your fire. This process is thought to help reduce the amount of creosote build-up in your chimney, as well tar and other materials. These substances are typically sticky and hard to clean, but the logs are known for turning them into more flaky and brittle substances making the cleaning process a lot easier. Some of these products are even CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) approved, ensuring that they will not damage your chimney.

Yet, many are deceived by the misleading name of these logs. While chimney cleaning logs can offer some assistance in terms of debris build-up, they should never replace a yearly cleaning done by a professional. Note the following precautions when using chimney cleaning logs in your fireplace.

– Chimney cleaning logs do not remove creosote: Although they can break down the sticky substance, the now flaky bits of creosote do not disappear. Rather, they disburse throughout different parts of your chimney, still making cleaning necessary. Also, remember that creosote is highly flammable so these flakes could cause hazards as they fall back into your fire.

– Chimney cleaning logs cannot advise: When it comes down to it, nothing can replace the insight offered by a CSIA certified professional. While the CSIA does not discourage the use of these logs, they maintain that a yearly cleaning is still necessary to ensure proper functioning throughout the fireplace. Professionals are trained to note any repairs that may be needed before burning season begins and can advise you on proper procedures to take when approaching chimney care.

– Chimney cleaning logs do not do the full job: There is a lot more to cleaning and inspecting a chimney than addressing creosote build-up. Many things can accumulate within a chimney throughout a year, such as animal nests or leaves. These need to be physically removed. These things, along with many other types of soot and debris that accumulates over time, should always be addressed by a professional who knows how to properly remove then clean them.

– Chimney cleaning logs cannot repair: Should any cracks or other issues start to occur in your fireplace, a professional will need to come in to address these. Often these can go unseen by the homeowner, which is why having that regular inspection is so important and why these logs are not a sufficient replacement for an actual cleaning. If repairs go unaddressed for too long, the overall costs involved with getting your chimney back into working order can be devastating.

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