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Chimney & Fireplace Rebuilds, Restoration & Installation

Chimney Masonry Rebuild

Chimney Masonry Rebuild

Have you just moved into a new house? Or are you eyeing your old chimney or fireplace with trepidation? If your chimney looks old and worn out, chances are that it is. You might like other features on your house to look “vintage,” but a chimney is one thing on an old house that needs always to be completely up to date. Whether you need your old chimney to be restored and brought up to national codes and safety standards or you need a new chimney built entirely, Pozzi Chimney Sweep wants to make sure that your chimney is not a fire hazard and that its construction is sound so that you and your family will enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your crackling fire for years to come.

Chimney Rebuilds & Restorations

If you have recently moved, we advise that your chimney be professionally inspected to see if it is in need of restoration. Available to work on commercial, historic, and residential chimney stacks in Northern Illinois, Pozzi Chimney Sweep can tackle chimney renovation, restoration, or enlargement, along with custom fireplace and chimney rebuilding. We also offer chimney lining and relining services. When restoring your chimney, we can be counted on to use both old world and modern methods to correctly match the material and tint of your chimney. If, thanks to Mother Nature, water damage, or old age, your chimney is in need of a complete rebuild, we can construct a safe and attractive chimney according to local code requirements.

The Chimney Restoration Process

The restoration process for each chimney is a little different. It begins with an inspection by one of our certified chimney sweeps. The inspection process most often reveals that the chimney needs to be lined or relined, although we may also find that your chimney needs to have its flue replaced, a chase cover installed, or the masonry repaired. Smoke chamber restoration is also sometimes recommended. In addition, many older chimneys need to be reinforced to add strength. We will communicate with you so that you understand your chimney’s individual needs.

Why Only Professional Installation Will Do


DIY home projects are all the rage right now, but when it comes to your heating appliances, it’s highly recommended that you hire a chimney expert to do the work for you. There are lots of logistical, safety, environmental, and aesthetic considerations that need to be made so that you can fully enjoy your fireplace or chimney and feel confident that your family is safe and that your chimney is working as efficiently as possible. For instance, did you know that a chimney operates best when the flue size is carefully matched to it? Pozzi Chimney Sweep will install your fireplace or chimney correctly. Contact Pozzi Chimney Sweep today about all of our fireplace and chimney restoration services, including connecting fireplace inserts to existing fireplace flues and installing stainless steel liners from the top of the stove to the top of the chimney.   When you contact us, you can be sure you will be working with professionals who are proud of their quality service. At Pozzi Chimney Sweep, we take your concerns seriously.

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This was a tough job for these guys. They did a fine job for us. I must rate it as excellent for sure. My only regret is that I did not do this 20 years ago.
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