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There are a lot of perks associated with gas fireplaces and gas inserts, so it’s no wonder more and more homeowners are opting for gas appliances. Here at Pozzi Chimney Sweep, we are a full-service Valor Dealer, and it’s safe to say we love Valor’s gas appliances. If you’ve been considering enhancing your home with a new gas insert or gas fireplace, read on and find out why we love and stand behind Valor.

What’s So Great About Valor Gas Fireplaces & Inserts?

Convenience & Control

Valor-Gas-InsertMuch of the popularity of gas appliances in general can be attributed to their convenience. With a gas fireplace or insert, you can be enjoying a warm fire at the touch of a button or the flick of a switch. Forget about running outside to grab wood and spending time you could be relaxing by the fire building the fire; with a Valor gas fireplace or insert, you have controllable, steady heat at your fingertips.

These gas fireplaces and inserts feature Valorstat & Valorstat Plus, which are temperature control and pilot ignition systems that allow you to operate and program your gas fireplace or insert with a convenient and easy-to-use remote control. No more waiting for the fire to die down before leaving the house. With a Valor gas fireplace or insert, you can live an active and busy lifestyle without sacrificing relaxation and warmth.

Better, More Efficient Heat

Click to learn more about the benefits of Valor Gas Fireplaces!

Click to learn more about the benefits of Valor Gas Fireplaces!

Another major perk of having a Valor gas fireplace or insert installed is that they make great zone heaters and are designed to provide maximum heat without sending your energy bill through the roof. Using radiant heat, these gas-burning appliances require less energy to heat individual living spaces. That means more warmth and less spending!

Green & Reliable

In addition to being incredibly convenient and a great source of radiant heat, Valor gas fireplaces and inserts are designed to burn cleanly and efficiently. With Valor, you can enjoy your fire without the guilt of high levels of greenhouse gases and particulates!

Additionally, these amazing and aesthetically pleasing gas fireplaces and gas inserts won’t let you down, even when the power company does! These appliances don’t rely on electricity, which means when you lose power during a big storm, you won’t lose the heat and enjoyment that your Valor gas fireplace or insert provides.

Start Enjoying The Convenience Of Gas Today!


The sweeps here at Pozzi Chimney Sweep have extensive experience installing, repairing and maintaining gas fireplaces and inserts, so you can expect knowledgeable service and professional results when we’re in your home.

Call us today to learn more about Valor products or to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians! You can also schedule an appointment online! We look forward to helping you heat your home the convenient, green, and energy-efficient way!

If your chimney masonry needs repair, Pozzi Chimney Sweep can provide quality service and expertise as part of their chimney restoration and installation service.

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I would like to speak to you about my experience with the Pozzi Chimney Sweep. It was mid October 2012 when I called about a problem with our chimney, asked Gary to check it out. Gary was here right away, did a good thorough check, said we needed to replace the old chimney liner, which we had Gary and his people do. In a short time the problem was taken care of, did no short cuts, everything was proper, looks real good as well.
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