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Realistic Gas Log Installation

Gas fireplaces are a great option for anyone who wants the warmth and beauty of a wood-burning fireplace without having to haul wood or clean ashes. Pozzi Chimney Sweep uses Hargrove Vented Gas Logs, which usually require a fully functional wood-burning fireplace. Vented gas logs are designed to take the place of wood in a traditional hearth and chimney. These units may burn either natural or propane gas, but both types are burned with the damper open.

Hargrove offers a whole line of beautiful, realistic-looking styles of gas logs, including Radiant Heat logs that are designed to direct the heat forward rather than up and out of your chimney. They also make Charred-style logs, Fresh Cut-style logs (available in Classic Oak, Grand Oak, Mountain Aspen, Western Pine, and more), and Coal Basket-style heating, which looks like glowing coal chunks.

Hargrove’s molding process means that its logs have extraordinary detail, and its ceramic fiber material offers great heating efficiency. These vented logs produce heat that’s comparable with vent-free sets and offer realistic fire and ember beds not possible with vent-free units.

Why Use Vented Gas Logs?

  • Saves you the hassle of hauling wood and cleaning ashes and soot
  • Forms realistic flame pattern that dances and wraps around logs like real wood
  • Creates taller flames than ventless logs
  • Does not require a CO2 detector
  • Does not smell like gas since most of the odor goes out the open damper

Leave Gas Log Installation to a Professional

Because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, we strongly recommend that you use a certified chimney professional to help you select and install the right logs for your particular fireplace. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, potentially lethal gas produced as a byproduct when fuels such as natural or propane gas, kerosene, and wood are burned. At Pozzi Chimney Sweep, we know building codes, we know how to reduce drafts and heat loss, and we know how to protect you from the potential of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Let us answer your questions about gas logs. Contact Pozzi Chimney Sweep today.


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After having our chimney swept, Gary gave us suggestions for this coming winter. I feel much better now, and we we will have a cozy fireplace with the assurance that we won’t have a chimney fire!
~ Connie