Have Your Chimney Swept Now To Avoid A Chimney Fire Later

Haste Chimney Sweep Image - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney SweepYour living room can be a haven of comfort and rest, especially if you are fortunate enough to own a home that has a fireplace. Coming in from a hard day’s work, deep down cold from the icy winter wind, there is nothing better than warming up in front of a crackling fire. The downside is this: where there is fire, there’s the danger of chimney fire. But don’t despair! There’s help out there, and if you live in the Aurora, Illinois area, the people to call are the experts at Pozzi Chimney Sweep.

Causes of Chimney Fires

There are several ways that fires can start in your chimney. Probably the most common cause of chimney fires is creosote build-up caused by a winter of building fires in your fireplace. According to Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), creosote can be black or brown, drippy and sticky or hardened and shiny, crusty and flaky – and all forms can exist in the same chimney. No matter what form it takes, one thing is for sure: creosote is highly combustible and can cause a dangerous chimney fire if left untended.

Another cause of chimney fires is blockage. It is a common occurrence for dried leaves, sticks and twigs, and other debris to blow down into your chimney, or even for wildlife such as birds or squirrels to build nests in your chimney. When you start a fire in your fireplace in the winter, sparks from the fire can escape up your chimney and catch in this blockage, causing a chimney fire to ignite.

Damage Isn’t Always Visible

Did you know that a chimney fire can occur without the homeowner being aware of it? According to the CSIA website, there are some tell-tale signs that only a qualified chimney sweep can recognize, such as ‘honey-combed’ creosote, a distorted or discolored chimney cap, or damaged roofing materials. If a chimney fire has occurred, it is vitally important that you have your chimney cleaned and checked for damages. Only by using a CSIA certified chimney sweep can you be assured that the damage will be assessed and repaired correctly and efficiently. The Chimneys.com website echoes this sentiment: “A qualified chimney sweep can diagnose and fix problems that the average person may not notice. Regularly engaging such services can mean the difference between comfortable living and disaster.”

Make Pozzi Your First Call For Chimney Sweeps

If you’re looking for a chimney service that uses the most current, up-to-the-minute cleaning techniques and technologies, then Pozzi Chimney Sweep is the chimney service for you. All of Pozzi’s technicians and sweeps are CSIA certified, and Pozzi Chimney Sweep is also a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. Pozzi Chimney Sweeps also uses a “Chim-Scan” video camera. This allows not only the sweep, but also the homeowner, to see exactly what is happening in the chimney. This helps to reassure you, the homeowner, that only the work that needs to be done is being done.

Call Pozzi Chimney Sweep to set up an appointment to have your chimney inspected and cleaned today, before that snowy Illinois winter arrives.