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Certified Chimney & Fireplace Repair

There are plenty of projects around the house that can wait, but if your chimney or fireplace needs to be repaired, this is one thing you cannot afford to put off. With so many grim statistics about house fires and carbon monoxide poisonings in Illinois, your best bet for protecting your family is to take action by calling a certified chimney repairman. Likewise, if your chimney is leaking, it could be causing thousands and thousands of dollars in structural damage to your home. This is not something you want to wait to call about.

Over its lifetime, your chimney faces numerous enemies—namely water, strong winds, creosote, neglect, and creatures like birds, wasps, bats, and opossums. Our chimney sweeps can fortify your chimney against the elements, and protect it from the build-up of creosote, water vapors, and other pollutants. We’ll also keep the critters that want in out.

A neglected chimney often has acquired cracks that allow water to get in. Water can prove to be profoundly damaging, not just to your chimney but also to your entire home. If you think your chimney may be leaking, don’t call a roofer, call Pozzi Chimney Sweep. Roofers know roofs and chimney sweeps know chimneys—not just how to inspect and clean them but how to repair them so that they’ll never leak again. Among other chimney and fireplace repairs, we are available to do chimney relining, Chase Cover and Crown Repair, Smoke Chamber Restoration, and Chimney Caps Repair and Replacement.

How Do I Know If My Chimney Needs Repairing?

There are a number of good signs to indicate that your chimney is leaking or needs repairing. If any of the following describe your chimney or fireplace, call a certified chimney repair person today:

  • There’s a dripping noise coming from your chimney.
  • There’s smoke in your house or soot on your furniture.
  • There’s a campfire-like smell or something that smells like a dead animal coming from your chimney.
  • You notice that your chimney bricks are loose or that your bricks or mortar are flaking (called spalling).
  • You see a powdery white substance on the stone or brick that’s on the outside of your chimney. (This usually indicates water damage.)

A professional chimney tech at Pozzi Chimney Sweep can correct these issues for you. We may recommend that you have your chimney swept, or that you hire us to install a new chimney liner, chimney cap, or chimney damper. Or we may suggest the repair of brick or other stonework. Then again, we may tell you that everything looks just fine and that no repairs are necessary. But whatever you do, don’t wait to call. Delay the repair of your chimney and you’re putting your family and your property in harm’s way.

Ensure that your home is heated and vented safely. Call Pozzi Chimney Sweep at 815-286-9922 or email us at to schedule your next chimney or fireplace repair.


Chimney leaks are a definite sign you may need some chimney repairs. Fortunately, that’s all part of the chimney and vent services provided by Pozzi Chimney Sweep.

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Gary came over and gave us an idea of how to fix our chimney cap and provided us a very informative brochure. He was extremely helpful with answering all our questions and giving us an accurate price. He went beyond our expectations in installing the cap. I will recommend Gary to anyone I talk to.
~ Jeff