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What Is A Chase Cover or Crown?

Chase Cover

Chimney Crown

A chase cover, also known as a crown, is what covers the whole top of a chimney chase, which contains and protects the part of the chimney that projects out of your house. Chase covers do the very important job of keeping water and creatures out of your chimney. Chimney chases are usually made of galvanized metal and, depending on quality, have a lifespan of anywhere from five to 15 years.

A crown in good condition will shed water off your chimney and down onto the roof. It should also be thick enough to resist cracking or receding away from the edge of your chimney brick. Chimney crowns also require a bond around the flue tile to make room for expansion. Chimney crown maintenance is very important because when water gets into your brick it can cause your brick and mortar to break or crumble, which may in turn allow water into your home.

Common Problems with Chase Covers

Damaged Chase Cover Before

Damaged Chase Cover Before

The primary function of your chimney’s crown is to protect your chimney and home from water damage by safeguarding your brick against water penetration. Water and nail holes that have led to rust may compromise the integrity of your chase cover. It’s usually evident that you need a new chase cover when the one you have is streaked with rust stains, which may also continue down the side of your chimney and onto your roof. If you see rust on your chase cover, there’s a good chance that it’s allowing water to get inside your chase, which in turn may lead to damage to your chimney and even your drywall. Homeowners will often see this and mistakenly call a roofer, but this is not a roof problem. It’s a chimney problem, and it requires the attention of a certified chimney professional.

Chase Cover After Replacing

Chase Cover After Replacing

At Pozzi Chimney Sweep, we specialize in crown repair and crown construction and are proud to use Olympia Stainless Steel Chase Covers. If your chase cover is cracked, rusted, or deteriorated, call us at 815-286-9922 to consult with one of our chimney techs today.


One often overlooked part of your chimney that may need attention or repair is the smoke chamber. At Pozzi Chimney Sweep, we can help.

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It’s been six or seven weeks now, and there are no odors in the furnace/water heater area at all. The furnace is running much better, is much quieter, has to be more efficient as well. The old liner was full of holes.
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