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Waterproofing Chimneys

Chimney masonry is very vulnerable to water damage. Not only is your chimney directly exposed to the elements since it extends far above your roofline, but both brick and mortar are porous materials. For this reason, waterproofing your chimney is a crucial part of maintaining the structural integrity and safety of your chimney. Though Pozzi Chimney Sweep can certainly repair chimneys that have been damaged by water, we prefer to take preventative measures to keep water out. This saves our customers lots of financial headaches down the road. A good water repellent needs only to be applied once every five to 10 years and will save you the headache of having to replace or rebuild your chimney down the road.

Our waterproofing product of choice is ChimneySaver’s Water Repellant, which is a tried and true chimney brick sealer that protects chimneys from leaking. Tests have actually concluded that this product reduces water penetration into chimney masonry by 99.9%.

Designed especially for chimneys, this product is also 100% vapor permeable, which means it won’t trap water vapors that may pass through the bricks when the chimney is in use. This is important because chimneys need to breathe. Other products on the market seal water vapors in, which just adds to the deterioration of your brick. In addition, ChimneySaver’s Water Repellant offers protection from stains, mildew, and fungus, as well as extreme temperature changes. It’s also environmentally friendly.

Before you waterproof your chimney, you’ll want to make sure that your masonry is in good shape. If it’s not, we also do masonry repair and chimney tuckpointing. Read more about chimney leaks, and don’t hesitate to contact Pozzi Chimney Sweep about waterproofing your chimney.


Take care of chimney leaks right away to avoid more serious damage to your home. This is all part of our professional chimney and vent service.

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Gary came over and gave us an idea of how to fix our chimney cap and provided us a very informative brochure. He was extremely helpful with answering all our questions and giving us an accurate price. He went beyond our expectations in installing the cap. I will recommend Gary to anyone I talk to.
~ Jeff