Install A Chimney Cap For Weather Protection

Chimney inspections are the number one way to ensure that your home and family stay safe from chimney fires and other home damage. There are, however, other things that you need to stay on top of to make sure that your fireplace runs efficiently and effectively. An important component of your fireplace that often gets overlooked is a chimney cap. In fact, some homes don’t even have a chimney cap. That can cause real problems for homeowners. A simple way to find out if your chimney cap is in tip-top shape? Call in the experts, like those at Pozzi Chimney Sweep.

Install A Chimney Cap For Weather Protection Image - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney SweepWeather Protection

There are several reasons that a chimney cap is important. One of these is to protect your chimney from the damages that weather can bring. Believe it or not, water is a number one culprit in damaging your chimney. When water enters your chimney system, it will permeate the mortar that holds your bricks together. When this water freezes, it expands, and that in turn causes the cracks to expand. As this cycle continues, these cracks get bigger and, over time, structural damage can occur. A chimney cap helps protect your chimney from this danger. According to the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) website, “(U)nderwriters Laboratories (UL) specifies that any chimney lining system that is to be listed to their test standard must include a chimney cap.”

Other Reasons For A Chimney Cap

When you burn a fire in your fireplace, sparks can shoot up your chimney and escape onto your roof with disastrous consequences. These sparks could start a roof fire. Consequently, if they get all the way out and hit your yard, it could cause a serious grass fire. A chimney cap can help stop those sparks from getting out of your chimney!

Another thing that chimney caps do? They stop natural elements from getting into your chimney. Birds and other small animals are drawn to an enclosed space to make their nests, and your chimney fits that bill. Leaves, twigs, and other debris can blow down your chimney. These things can cause an obstruction in your chimney, and if those obstructions catch a spark, it could cause a fire in your chimney. Even if this fire is contained in your chimney, it can cause structural damage. Other natural elements, like sleet, snow, and rain can also be kept out of your chimney by a chimney cap.

Is a Chimney Cap Necessary?

According the Chimney Safety Institute of America, chimney caps are “probably the most inexpensive preventive measure that a homeowner can employ to prevent water penetration and damage to the chimney.”

Who To Call

Pozzi Chimney Sweep is the place to call when it comes to quality chimney cap maintenance, inspection, and care. We will be able to fix your chimney cap if that is necessary, or we will be able to advise you in what chimney cap best suits your needs if a new one is needed. The professionals at Pozzi Chimney Sweep are committed to offering you expert advice and quality service. Give us a call today!