Invest In A Wood Burning Stove

Remember last winter on those cold, snowy nights? You’re trying to stay warm, while keeping the thermostat turned down to save money? Maybe you tried burying yourself under a pile of blankets. Or maybe you tried to convince your teenage children to snuggle up beside you to keep you all warm! How about buying a dog to lay across your feet just to keep your toes from feeling so icy cold? There’s a better way. Just make a phone call now and when winter hits, you’ll be warm and cozy beside a toasty warm wood burning stove!

Invest In A Wood Burning Stove Image - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney SweepPros to a Wood Burning Stove

When you think of a wood burning stove, you might think of an inefficient, smoky mess. But that was then; this is now. Today’s wood burning stoves are much more efficient, and they also meet U.S. EPA emission guidelines. So if you’re looking to cut your heating bills while staying cozy and comfortable, think about investing in a wood burning stove.

One good thing about a wood burning stove is that the fuel source is readily available. Even if you’re not into the idea of spending time in the great outdoors, burning energy while you cut piles of firewood, it’s easy to find places to buy firewood – check out your local home improvement store. It is much cheaper to chop your own, however – and think of how great you’ll look after using those muscles to build up a big stack of firewood!

Install Them Anywhere

Because wood burning stoves can use prefab chimney pipes, they can be installed virtually anywhere. If you already have a fireplace, you can even install your wood burning stove right there – and fans can be used which will help circulate the warm air, making your wood burning stove even more effective in heating the room.

Many Styles and Sizes Available

Another good thing about wood burning stoves is the fact that there are many styles and sizes available. If your goal is to have a small stove to add warmth and ambiance to a small family room, you can install a smaller stove; if, on the other hand, your goal is to heat a larger area, you can find a stove that will be more efficient and effective. Also, the type of wood you burn will have an effect on how effective your wood stove is in heating a larger area. Part of the fun of owning a wood burning stove is that different types of wood can give off different smells as they burn – so you can enjoy a sweeter smell or even fill the room with a more cheery-type aroma when the holiday season rolls around.

Pick the Right Stove for Your Needs

If you are looking to purchase a wood burning stove, give Pozzi Chimney Sweep a call. They can advise you on which stove will best suit your living area and your expectations. Their expert technicians can have a cherry wood stove installed before the cold weather arrives so you’ll be comfortable and relaxed in front of a cozy fire by the time the first snow of winter hits!