Is It Time To Clean Your Vents?


Is it Time to Clean Your Ducts?

Clogged vents may or may not impact your health – this is open for debate . However, there is no debate about keeping vents clean for proper functioning. So how do you know whether it is time to have them cleaned? Here are some things to looks for: dust, critters and/or visible mold.

Clogged Ducts

It is completely normal to see some dust in your return vents, since they pull air into them. Lots of things contribute to the presence of lots of different particles in the air they draw. If you see piles of dust or debris, or if dust is coming out of the supply registers, then the time for action is now.

Clean Vents - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney Sweep

Clean Vents – Aurora IL – Pozzi Chimney Sweep

Creepy Crawlies

An occasional spider is not cause for concern, but no one should live with creepy crawlies in their ducts. No one questions the need to clean vents that are infested with insects or rats. If roaches, wasps, or rodents have made your air vents their home, the vents need to be cleaned!

Visible Mold

Where there’s mold, there’s moisture, and everyone agrees that you need to keep moisture out of your ductwork. You might be able to smell it even if you cannot see it, but visible mold is a clear basis for a cleaning – at the minimum. If you see mold either in sheet metal ducts or on other HVAC components, vent cleaning is both necessary and possible!

When Your ‘Needed Cleaning’ Needs More…

With mold, things like wet insulation have to be removed and replaced. This is true for all duct work materials that contain fiberglass. Biocides are not approved for use on fiberglass duct liners, and their application to porous duct materials is illegal. Furthermore, cleaning is not effective in preventing a recurrence of mold in fiberglass…it needs to be replaced.