Is Your Wood Stove EPA Certified?

If you have recently made the decision to purchase a wood stove and are looking for insight into which one is best, be sure to make EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification one of your requirements. Buying something older and used may seem like a good option, but anything built before 1990 will not be EPA certified and you will quickly discover that a newer model would have been well worth the extra cash spent.

What makes EPA certification so important for wood stoves?Is Your Wood Stove EPA Certified - Aurora, IL - Pozzi Chimney Sweep

  • Efficiency: A newer stove will provide more heat, allowing you to get much more out of what you are paying for. EPA certification allows for stricter requirements as far as how efficient a stove needs to run in order to be sold. This causes you to use less fuel for more heat and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


  • Less Pollution: If a stove is EPA certified, it will produce less pollutants. They burn cleaner and run better, causing less toxins to escape into the air. This is not only a benefit for you and your family, but for the environment as a whole. Smoke and other toxins can be very harmful to one’s health, making a newer model well worth the investment.


  • Advanced Technology: The newer the wood stove is, the more advanced the technology behind it will be. With every passing year, companies are working hard to make certain these stoves are as energy-efficient as possible. With new insights and strategies being implemented on a constant basis, customers can be assured that they are getting the best products possible.


Once you have decided on which wood stove is best for your home, call a professional to install it. Improper installation can lead to a lot of headaches and costly repairs later on down the road. The littlest mishap can cause big problems and the complexity often involved with installing wood stoves can make anyone frustrated. An expert will ensure that everything is in the proper place and that your stove will run efficiently.

Once installed and put to use, schedule annual inspections to make certain that your wood stove remains in the best condition possible. A certified professional will be able to remove any type of build-up with the use of proper tools and chemicals and can make certain that all parts of your unit are working as they should be. Also, when using the stove, be sure to purchase properly seasoned wood and consistently study up on fire safety and proper wood-burning techniques. This will make a huge difference in ensuring your stove is properly maintained and will help you keep your home and family safe.

Pozzi Chimney Sweep has certified professionals who can assist you with any of your stove or fireplace needs. Save yourself time and hassle and give us a call today!