Keep Your Outdoor Fireplace in Top Working Condition

An Outdoor Fireplace Image -  Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney SweepYou’ve remodeled your backyard, maybe added a new patio, a swimming pool, patio furniture. One item that’s becoming more and more popular in backyard remodels is the outdoor fireplace. There’s something about sitting outdoors in front of a crackling fire on a warm evening, roasting marshmallows, talking about old times that just can’t be topped. But special care needs to be taken to keep your outdoor fireplace in good working condition.

Outdoor Fireplaces –Weathering the Elements

One of the most obvious problems that outdoor fireplaces undergo is being constantly exposed to weather. Rain, wind, sleet, snow – all of these can cause special complications for your fireplace.
Just as with your chimney, your outdoor fireplace is subject to the freeze-thaw cycle. When precipitation permeates the mortar in your fireplace and then freezes, it expands, causing bigger cracks to occur. Over time, these cracks can cause structural damage to your fireplace, and major repairs will be necessary.

Damage Due to Settling

According to the Borst Landscaping and Design website, another source of damage to your fireplace can be ground movement and settling. Even though your fireplace is built on your patio or on a concrete pad, the ground under the concrete will continue to settle over time, causing cracks in the cement and to your fireplace. These cracks can make your fireplace look bad, but worse, may cause safety concerns as you use your fireplace.

Heat and Wind Damage

Another problem that can occur with your outdoor fireplace can be caused by the heat that it is exposed to. Heat and wind can cause the materials your fireplace is built from to dry out and crack or crumble. Again, this can be a serious safety concern.

Birds, Twigs, and Debris

Another problem that presents itself with outdoor fireplaces is the debris that can find its way into the chimney. This happens with the chimney for your indoor fireplace, but even more so in your outdoor fireplace because there are no protective walls surrounding it. Bird and squirrel nests, twigs, leaves, and paper and other trash can all be wind-blown into your outdoor fireplace’s chimney, and these can all increase the possibility of a chimney fire.

Annual Inspection and Cleaning

Just like your indoor fireplace and chimney, your outdoor fireplace needs to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Although the frequency of cleaning can depend on the amount of times you use your fireplace over the course of the spring, summer, and fall, you should have your outdoor fireplace inspected on a yearly basis for safety and to keep your fireplace running efficiently. CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) recommends that inspection and cleaning is done on an annual basis.

The expert technicians at Pozzi Chimney Sweep are CSIA certified to take care of any and all of your outdoor fireplace needs. They take special care with each job they do, and take pride in offering quality service at a fair price. Call them today and let them show you what quality service looks like.