Maintain Safe Clearances Around Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are desired by many homeowners. The warm, classic feel they add to a room makes them a favorite feature in any household. Yet, with a fireplace comes a lot of responsibility and maintenance. It is important to follow all of the codes and rules associated with owning a fireplace to ensure that your home and family remain as safe as possible.Maintain Safe Clearances Around Your Fireplace - Aurora IL- Pozzi Chimney Sweep
One thing people should be educated on is clearances. There are many regulations as to maintaining correct clearances around a fireplace. These codes are established to keep homeowners and their families free from harm, while allowing them to enjoy their fireplace to its fullest potential. If followed appropriately, these rules should reduce the risk of fires in the home, minimizing the threat of injury and decreasing the number of lives lost.


Clearance Codes

So, what are the clearance codes? There is a lot of information for homeowners to be educated on when it comes to fireplace maintenance. Between proper cleaning procedures, fire-starting techniques, and overall knowledge of all of the parts of a chimney, there is a lot to learn before starting fires on a regular basis. Here are some basic things to remember when it comes to maintaining correct clearances.

  • Anything combustible must be at least six inches from the opening of the fireplace. If you have a wood mantel or wood trim, for example, this must maintain an appropriate distance. For every 1/8 inch that sticks out, add one inch of necessary clearance.


  • The space in between the mantel or trim and the fireplace should not be filled with anything, so keep an eye out as far as decorations. Mantels are often used to showcase many things, but keeping flammable substances away is very important in following regulations and keeping your home safe. Keep this in mind when picking out your home décor.


  • Carefully read the safety instructions that come with your fireplace’s installation directions. Follow the directions exactly as they specify to your fireplace, and call the manufacturer if you have any questions. Every fireplace is different, so reading up the safety measures that specifically accompany yours is important.


  • Hire an expert. Your best option is to hire an expert who is trained in properly installing fireplaces and who knows all of the codes associated with the process. On top of this, an expert can help educate you on any future measures you hope to take with your fireplace. You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your family, so get a professional in to make sure everything is in proper condition before being put to use.

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