Why You Need a Chimney Cap

Don't overlook this seemingly small part that plays a big role in your chimney system - the chimney cap.

Don’t overlook this seemingly small part that plays a big role in your chimney system – the chimney cap.

A chimney that isn’t topped with a chimney cap looks unfinished, shabby and uncared for. But that’s only a footnote on our list of reasons why having a chimney cap on your chimney is important.

The chimney cap is ostensibly a small part of your chimney, but you might be surprised: It carries a heavy load of work and provides a significant amount of protection. Here’s a bit of a deeper look into this unsung hero of the chimney system:

What Chimney Caps Do For Your Chimney System

Chimney Caps Help Keep Moisture Out

One of the key elements in chimney system design is protection against moisture intrusion. Many parts of the system — including the masonry chimney crown or metal chimney chase cover at the top, or the flashing where the chimney and roofline meet — were designed and installed specifically to route water away.

But think about your chimney, and its exposure to rain and sleet and other precipitation. It’s easy to see that the chimney cap’s position — up at the very top of your flue, over the flue opening — makes it the first line of defense against moisture intrusion. Without a chimney cap, your flue is open to the elements directly, and rain and its friends will most certainly make their way in. Over time, that moisture can wear at the joints in your clay tile flue liner, start corroding your throat damper, even damage interior masonry, like the brick and mortar in your smoke chamber.

Preventing that starts with making sure to have a properly installed, properly sized, durable chimney cap installed. It’s also hugely important to make sure to have your system inspected annually for any other problems that might be allowing a leak to develop.

Chimney Caps Keep Animals Out

To you, a chimney probably looks like a beautiful part of your home and a workhorse that protects you from the dangerous byproducts of combustion and your home from excess heat. To lots of animals — from birds to squirrels and bats — your chimney looks like a safe and warm place to set up shop.

When animals move into your chimney to nest, they bring along lots of unwanted things: annoying noises, unpalatable smells, unsanitary bugs and often combustible nesting materials too. Those animal visitors aren’t just frustrating — their presence can be dangerous. The best way to put out the “No Vacancy” sign for the furry or feathered friends in your neighborhood: A well-made and properly installed chimney cap.

Chimney Caps Keep Debris Out

It’s not just animals that we need to worry about getting into your flue. Brush, leaves and twigs can fall into an open flue, blocking off its ability to vent properly and potentially causing a fire hazard. With a chimney cap in place, that’s prevented.

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