Outdoor Fireplace Safety Tips

Outdoor Fireplace Safety Tips Safety Tips for Outdoor Fireplaces - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney Sweep

Summertime – picnics, swimming, outdoor fun! And if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor fireplace, sitting outside in the warm evening air, hanging out with friends and grilling hot dogs and marshmallows. What a great way to create memories that will keep you warm through cold winter evenings. But safety precautions must be taken to ensure those evenings don’t end with a trip to the emergency room or a visit from the fire department.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, “Outside fireplaces or fire pits caused nearly 3,700 grass and brush fires.” There are several simple tips you can follow that will assure that you have a safe, happy time.

Preventing Hazardous Fire Situations

First, make sure that the area surrounding your outdoor fireplace is free from all types of debris, especially dried grass, leaves, and twigs or paper products that can easily ignite. Keep a fire extinguisher in working condition and store it close to your fireplace. Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Association recommend that all outdoor fireplaces be properly installed and that the owner reads all instruction materials thoroughly. Also, make sure that your outdoor fireplace is installed on a solid, fireproof surface, such as cement or brick.

SafeBee suggests that you do not use starter fluid, gas, or kerosene when starting a fire in your backyard fireplace. Instead, use a small amount of crumpled paper or dry twigs as kindling. You can also buy fire starters made specifically for this purpose. Once you have your fire going, you can start to add bigger logs, but don’t be tempted to overload your fire with logs that are too big. Also, be a good neighbor and check the direction of the wind to make sure that you aren’t causing a nuisance for the people living next door.

Keep An Eye on Children and PetsOutdoor Fireplace Safety Tips for Children & Pets - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney Sweep

Most importantly, do not leave children or pets alone with a burning fire or with hot embers. Remember, a small child can easily slip and fall close to or into a fire, causing serious injury.

After the Party is Over

When you’re ready to go indoors, make sure that your fire has burned out completely. Never throw water in a ceramic fireplace, as it may cause cracking to occur. Once the embers have cooled, remove them from the fireplace and put them into a fireproof container. Do not dispose of the embers in a garbage can or a paper bag, as this can cause a fire if any spark of fire remains.

Proper Care and Maintenance

It is of utmost importance that you make certain that your outdoor fireplace is properly inspected and maintained. Outdoor fireplaces and chimneys can benefit from annual chimney cleaning and regular inspections. The professionals at Pozzi Chimney Sweep, Inc. are highly trained and qualified to perform the care that your outdoor fireplace needs. Their chimney sweeps and vent technicians are certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America and take pride in providing quality service for all your chimney care needs. This will assure that you will have many safe, happy hours in front of your outdoor fireplace.