Scheduling a Chimney Sweeping for Santa

Ho, ho, ho! How excited are you for Christmas?! It’s time for presents and carols, twinkling lights and shining stars. The house is starting to look and smell like a bakery with all of your favorite holiday dishes. Guests are invited, parties are planned, and your favorite Christmas sweater is ready to go. Soon Santa will be making a trip down your chimney, and it better not be dirty!Scheduling a Chimney Sweeping for Santa Image - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney

The last thing you need to worry about during this holiday season is how safe your fireplace is, especially when you know nothing is quite as welcoming as a crackling, glowing fire for your guests to gather in front of. So if you’ve neglected having your chimney cleaned, now is the time to call!

What Will They Be Looking For?

When you use your fireplace a lot, it obviously is going to get dirty and sooty. But did you know that your chimney is also getting a buildup of something called creosote? The smoke that is created from the fire is full of water vapor and lots of chemicals, and when that smoke hits the cool surface of the inside of your chimney, it forms a thick layer of a black and shiny or maybe brown and gummy substance called creosote. No matter what form it takes, creosote should be removed! And that’s where Pozzi Chimney Sweep comes into play. They have the tools and the expertise to clean creosote out and make your fireplace safe throughout the holiday season and all winter long.

One thing that can cause additional creosote buildup is the type of wood that you use in your fireplace. It’s recommended that you use hardwoods, such as oak, maple, ash, or beech. These hardwoods will burn hotter and cause less creosote buildup in your chimney.

Odor in Your Chimney

Sometimes you might notice an odor coming from your fireplace, especially if you haven’t started using it yet. What could be happening is that your dampers aren’t tight enough, and a downdraft is causing odors from your dirty chimney to flow down the chimney and into your house. You don’t want your guests to be subjected to any odors but the delicious smells of holiday cooking and pine needles!

All Your Chimney Parts

Don’t let worrying about dangerous creosote buildup and nasty odors spoil your holiday season. Keep your family and your home safe and sound by calling in the experts from Pozzi Chimney Sweep to clean your chimney now, before your company starts arriving and the party starts in full swing. You’ll be able to enjoy the holidays worry-free knowing that your chimney is squeaky clean and fresh smelling. And Pozzi’s technicians won’t just be checking out your damper system, they’ll make sure that all of the parts of your chimney and fireplace system are working and in tip-top shape. Give them a call today!