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Advantages of Gas Fireplaces

When the colder months start to arrive, the idea of having a fireplace becomes more and more appealing. The extra heat brought in by a fireplace, along with the cozy atmosphere it offers, makes it an idyllic addition to anyone’s home.

Gas Fireplace Advantages - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney

Yet, the search for the right fireplace in today’s modern world can be a challenge. There are a variety of options and styles and reading on the pros and cons of each type can be overwhelming. With society becoming more fast-paced, the best option would be something convenient and requiring little maintenance. Most people want something that allows the ability to get home from a work day and simply relax in front of the fireplace, without having to haul logs or track down kindling. If that sounds like what you are looking for, a gas fireplace is the choice for you.

Less Mess

One of the biggest reasons why people go with gas fireplaces is the low amount of mess created when using them. While wood fireplaces are more traditional, they can be very time-consuming between splitting and storing wood, cleaning out ash, and trying to decrease creosote build-up. Gas fireplaces require no kindling or stored up fuel and little maintenance as far as clean up.

Less Work

Chopping wood, finding a suitable place to store it, then cleaning up after yourself can end up making a relaxing fireplace more work than anyone ever set out for. You must also be skilled in starting and maintaining a fire, often needing to run back to your wood pile for more fuel. After the fire dies, ash needs to be scooped out and stored properly, and throughout the year the creosote and other debris must be scrubbed clean by a professional. This all seems like a lot of work for what is supposed to offer a relaxing atmosphere for your home. A gas fireplace simplifies this process for an equal result, turning on with simply the flip of a switch or push of a button.

Increased Safety

A big issue with regular wood-burning fireplaces is that they make a family more vulnerable to house fires. The fireplace is open and if anything flammable is near it could very easily catch on fire. The risk of someone getting burned is increased, as well. A gas fireplace has no open flame, making both of these risks less of an issue.

There is also an increase in safety in the amount of toxic airs being emitted into one’s home. Because of all of the soot and ash involved in a wood-burning fireplace, fumes and smoke can be a big issue and can end up affecting the health of your family. The amount of toxins produced from a gas fireplace is significantly less, as they heat without needing wood or similar fuel.

Installing Your Gas Fireplace

Installing your gas fireplace is easy with help from Pozzi Chimney Sweep. Call us today to set up an appointment and we can work towards finding the right fit for you and your home.

5 Advantages of a Gas Fireplace

With the rapid rise in technology, the chimney and fireplace industry is constantly being updated. Every year there are new methods and products that are being introduced to the market, each with their respective set of advantages and disadvantages.

Here at Pozzi Chimney Sweep, we do our best to update everyone with regard to what’s new in the chimney and fireplace world in terms of technology and best practices. For now, we are going to share with you some significant advantages in relation to gas fireplaces.

Pozzi Chimney Sweep uses Hargrove Vented Gas Logs, which usually require a fully functional wood-burning fireplace. Vented gas logs are designed to take the place of wood in a traditional hearth and chimney. These units may burn either natural or propane gas, but both types are burned with the damper open.

Pozzi Chimney Sweep uses Hargrove Vented Gas Logs, which usually require a fully functional wood-burning fireplace. Vented gas logs are designed to take the place of wood in a traditional hearth and chimney. These units may burn either natural or propane gas, but both types are burned with the damper open.

Easy to use

One of the biggest advantages of a gas fireplace compared to other alternatives is that it is—relatively speaking—easier to use. You get the roaring fire that you want (at the flip of a switch or the push of a button) but don’t have to worry about splitting, stacking, seasoning or hauling logs, tending the fire or cleaning up any ashes afterwards.

More energy efficient

A natural gas fireplace, compared to other models on the market today, is by far the most energy efficient. You can save anywhere from $75-$250 on your energy bill once you opt to install a more energy efficient unit. While this may not sound like a lot of money considering the upfront costs of the system itself, the savings over the long haul can really start to add up over the years. Your home is an investment, and, as such, any decision you make needs to involve at least a small amount of foresight.

It’s safe

As mandated by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, every chimney and fireplace should be safe for use. But then, no product is perfect. Every model has its set of pros and cons in terms of safety. But with a gas fireplace, you are safer since there is no open flame, which lessens the likelihood of a fire; in addition, you no longer need to worry about fire pops and cracks that spark out every now and then.

Convenient and flexible

Because of the nature and distinct features of the gas fireplace, you are not limited in terms of location for its installation. You can basically have it installed anywhere in your home. Imagine having the chance to experience the comfort and benefits of a fireplace in any room you want.

Consistent and steady heat source

As opposed to a traditional wood-burning fireplace, the heat doesn’t depend on the number of logs thrown on the fire. In a gas fireplace, the heat is continuous and steady, giving you with the heating that you need without the added hassle of adding firewood or logs every now and then.

Heating is the largest energy expense in most homes, accounting for over 30% of annual energy bills. Clearly, there are a handful of advantages that you could get out of a gas fireplace. But if you still aren’t convinced and if you have other questions and concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email us to schedule your next appointment. Let Pozzi Chimney Sweep put your mind at ease and ensure that your home is heated and vented safely.

Switch from Firewood to Gas Logs

Why Should I Switch to Gas Logs?

It’s difficult keeping up with the newest technologies, especially when companies are trying to out-do their competitors.  But as a consumer we need to realize that the most important factors are the ease of use and the price.  So, for chimneys sake, why are we still using wood logs if gas are available and better on not only your fireplace unit, but your home and health as well.  If you need help making the switch, Pozzi Chimney Sweep is here to make sure you know everything to make the installation as easy as possible.

A gas fireplace starts your heat with the touch of a button.

A gas fireplace starts your heat with the touch of a button.

If you’re worried that switching to gas logs will take away from the realistic feel of wooden logs, you have been lead astray. With a couple of added features, they can be just as great as the old fashioned method. Gas logs are composed of various materials that have been treated to resist flames. They are also inexpensive and cost less than running the electricity. Gas logs are much more user friendly as they do not have to be cleaned as often as wooden logs and cool down much more quickly, often having tendencies to create sparks even after the fire has been extinguished. You can also adjust the amount of flames in the unit, so if you are an inexperienced fireplace user this type of fire may be idea for you. Most importantly gas logs are better on you and your family’s health because they release less creosotes when burning.

I’m in, How Do I Switch?

So now you’re convinced, but you are unaware as to how you switch your unit into a gas-burning fireplace, right? There are many options you can choose from when you are deciding what you want to use: a gas fireplace, a vent-free gas fireplace, and a gas fireplace insert. Surprisingly, none of these units will require a structural change from your old unit as long as there is a gas line within 10 feet of the structure. Gas free log kits give a more traditional look with less heat. A vent-free gas kit keeps in all the heat, but can be harmful to anyone with heart or asthma problems because they keep the combustion in the home. The gas insert provides the look of a fire without the open flames. Call today to see how you can upgrade your heating system and save money, mess and energy.