Tips for More Efficient Fireplace Use

Efficient Fireplace Image - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney SweepThere’s something so appealing about curling up in front of a crackling fire, sipping a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of good wine. The aesthetics of this picture is so homey and relaxing. But there’s much more to owning a fireplace than just the relaxation factor. To really get the most out of your chimney, it’s important that it is running as efficiently as possible so that you get the most heat bang for your buck.

Making Your Chimney Run Efficiently

One inexpensive way of improving the efficiency of your chimney is by purchasing inflatable plugs. According to Mother Earth News, if you don’t use your fireplace very often, these plugs can stop the warm air that’s in your house from escaping up the chimney.

According to the HomeGuides website, burning seasoned wood (cut and seasoned for a year) can help increase your fireplace’s efficiency. Besides decreasing efficiency, burning green (freshly cut) wood can also make for a very smoky fire.

HomeGuides website also states that installing a fireplace insert can help increase efficiency. Make sure that the insert fits properly, and to increase efficiency even more, you might consider installing a double-wall unit that has a built-in circulating fan, which will help the warm air circulate and blow the warmth into the room rather than allowing it to escape out the chimney.

Make sure your chimney is safe to use with a certified chimney sweep. When you burn firewood in your fireplace, gases are released up your chimney and into the outside air. These gases include smoke, water vapor, hydrocarbon, assorted minerals, and unburned wood particles, and as they flow up your chimney, they can settle on the cooler interior of your chimney, resulting in a buildup that is called creosote. This can appear in different forms, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America website – either black or brown, crusty and flaky or tar-like and sticky, or even hard and shiny. This can cause several problems in your chimney. This substance is extremely flammable, so the real danger here is chimney fire. Another problem with a thick creosote build-up is the reduction of area for the gases to escape. This makes your fireplace run less efficiently as well. A certified chimney sweep can detect and remove creosote that has settled in your chimney.

Another thing that HomeGuides suggests is replacing your fireplace screen with tempered glass doors that you keep closed while burning a fire in your fireplace. These doors, if they fit tightly enough, can “increase the temperature of the chimney and reduce the amount of warm air that the fire sucks from the room.”

Yearly Inspection and Cleaning

These are some things that can be done to help increase your chimney’s efficiency, but the best thing you can do is to have your fireplace and chimney system inspected, cleaned, and repaired on an annual basis by a company that hires CSIA certified employees. Pozzi Chimney Sweep takes pride in hiring employees that are CSIA certified and who offer top-quality service at great rates. Give them a call today to set up an appointment to have your chimney inspected and cleaned, and be sure of getting the best service in the industry.