Tips For Priming Your Fireplace’s Flue

The flue in your fireplace is an essential component in maintaining proper air flow. Flues work to take out hazardous gases produced by fires and replace these gases with fresh air, keeping your home safe and free from smoke. Proper ventilation is essential in being a responsible homeowner. Ensuring appropriate flue care when building fires will help keep your home and family free from harm.

Take the Right Steps

A key component of maintaining good ventilation is properly preparing your flue before starting any fires. Making sure this is done correctly is important in keeping smoke outside of your home and ensuring that your fire stays lit. Follow these steps to ensure that your flue is primed and ready to go before lighting a fire.

  1. Your damper should be open before doing anything with the flue. This first step will save a lot of hassle and reduce the risk of hazardous gases entering the house. Once it is open, you will notice that the cold air from outside is sinking down into your home through the flue.
  2. The cold air coming in needs to be moving the opposite way, so the next step is to heat the flue so that the air flow reverses. The recommended process in doing this is to take a rolled up newspaper, light the end, and hold it up to the damper for a few minutes. The cold air should change direction and start moving up the flue.
  3. Enjoy! Once these simple steps are complete, you can move forward with your fire-starting process. Get the flame going, then sit back, relax, and enjoy a cozy evening indoors.

Be Safe

As always, employ safety strategies when working to build and maintain a fire. Follow these tips to ensure that you and your family are safe when using your fireplace.

  • Keep your chimney clean. Clean out the ashes regularly and be sure that you receive an annual inspection by a professional to ensure that everything is up-to-code. If potentially hazardous substances (such as ash or creosote) build up, you will be at an increased risk for house fires.
  • Dispose of ashes properly. Study up on proper procedures when getting rid of your fireplace ash. Wait until they are completely cooled, then store them in a metal bucket to ensure that nothing potentially flammable will ignite.
  • Never leave the fire unattended. Make sure that someone is always awake and acknowledging the fire until it has gone out completely. This is essential in ensuring that, if something were to go wrong, it can be addressed immediately, greatly reducing the risk of injury or harm to friends and family.

These, as well as countless other safety tips, should be studied regularly by any fireplace owner. Pozzi Chimney Sweep cares about your home and family’s safety. Call us today to inspect your chimney and ask our experts about how you can maintain the safest and most efficient fireplace possible.