Using A Gas Starter Pipe

Do you struggle when it comes to building a fire in your fireplace? Many desire the natural look and feel of a wood-burning fireplace, yet quickly discover that mastering the perfect fire-starting technique is not always easy. Gas fireplace options offer a lot more ease, turning on with just the flip of a switch or push of a button, but do not have the classic atmosphere that traditional fireplaces offer. With these things in mind, finding the best option for your home often brings about some trouble.

If this is the predicament you find yourself in, there is a solution for you. To simplify the fire-building process, while saving yourself a lot of frustration, consider installing a gas starter pipe. These products work to make the fire-building experience much quicker and easier. They allow you more opportunities to actually enjoy your fireplace, rather than waste excessive time working on getting a fire started.Gas Starter Pipes - Aurora, IL- Pozzi Chimney Sweep

Once installed, consider these tips for ensuring that your fires are the best that they can be.

  • Finding Balance: Maintaining the right balance of gas and air is important when using a gas starter pipe. You will want to ensure that you are burning cleanly, so be sure to adjust your pipe accordingly. There should be a larger hole at one end with an adjustable covering, allowing you freedom to open and close it as you see fit.
  • Even Distribution: Allowing the gas to disperse evenly throughout your fireplace is important. This will help to keep the fire more controlled and the heat will distribute more regularly throughout the area of the home.
  • Take Your Time: By taking your time and doing things in the correct order, you can ensure that you are being as safe as possible when lighting your fireplace. You will want to make sure that your flame is in place before turning on any gas, to avoid a large and sudden combustion. Avoid possible house fires by educating yourself on fire safety and proper procedures before starting any fires.
  • Hire A Professional: Asking a professional (like Pozzi Chimney Sweep) to install your appliance, as well as offer any maintenance advice is always the best option. By hiring an expert you can allow you and your family peace of mind, knowing that everything is functioning correctly and that your purchase will last throughout time. Not only is it best for making your product work efficiently, but it ensures that everything is safe to use, greatly reducing the risk of injury.

If a gas starter pipe seems like the right option for you, give the professionals at Pozzi Chimney Sweep a call today. We can offer tips and advice for purchasing your starter pipe. We also offer our services as far as installation and regular maintenance for both gas and wood-burning fireplace inserts.