Using the Correct Firewood for your Fireplace

Burn the Right Firewood - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney SweepWhen you use the correct oil in your car, it’s going to run better. Using the correct sized measuring cup will ensure that your recipe will turn out right. If you’re taking a college class, you’ll definitely want to buy the right book so that you can pass the class. And using the right firewood will make sure that you have a fire that burns clean and hot so that you can enjoy a safe fire that doesn’t get too smoky and that doesn’t contribute to a big buildup of creosote in your chimney.

What to Look For

One of the most important things to look for when you are buying firewood is how dry (seasoned) it is. The dryer the firewood, the hotter the burn. If you try to burn wet firewood, a couple things will happen. First, you’ll get a lot of smoke. When you burn wet firewood, you are basically burning water – and everyone knows that water doesn’t burn, so it’ll be tougher for you to get a fire going and keep it going. Probably one of the most important reasons to make sure you use dry firewood is that using wet firewood will encourage a bigger buildup of creosote, which is a highly flammable substance that can coat the inside of your fireplace.

So, how will you know if firewood is dry? If you cut your own firewood, you can ensure that your firewood is dry by splitting the wood and storing it on pallets, stacking it loosely and leaving it to dry for at least six months, and longer if possible. If you’re buying firewood, look for wood that is grayer in color and that has a less intense wood smell. Also, many times wood that is dry will have cracks in it, especially in the ends. Try hitting two pieces of wood together; dryer wood sounds more hollow than wetter wood and will make a cracking sound rather than a dull sound. Dry wood will be lighter in weight, as well.

Types of Wood

Does the type of wood you burn make a difference? You bet your boots it does! Different types of wood burn differently, so it depends on what type of fire you’re looking for when you’re deciding which type to burn. Harder woods burn longer, so if you’re looking to spend a long evening relaxing in front of a hot fire, you’ll want to burn a hardwood like oak, locust, or hickory. If you don’t have as long to relax but still want to enjoy a short time in front of a nice fire, burn a softer wood, like birch or maple. Softer woods are also good to burn in the spring and the fall, because they won’t burn as hot so you don’t have to worry about overheating your home in the cool, not cold, months.

Ask for Advice

If you have questions about what type of firewood you should be burning, give the experts at Pozzi Chimney Sweeps a call. They can give great advice on just which firewood you should be using.