Valor Gas Units

Many people today are choosing to put gas fireplaces in their home, gaining the cozy atmosphere often associated with a fireplace, without the hassle of maintaining and building a fire. Today’s gas inserts look and feel like a real fire, but require much less of a commitment. There are no logs, no smoky smells, and no need to constantly tend to a fire. Many families simply do not have the time to maintain a wood fireplace, making the gas option a perfect fit.

Pozzi Chimney Sweep recognizes the importance of providing safe, affordable, and easy to maintain products and is working with Valor to offer you the best gas fireplace for your home and needs. Valor has been in business since 1890 and strives to design modern products that will help your home run as efficiently as possible [].

Valor History

The products Valor has produced throughout its history are ones meant to provide a more efficient way of heating one’s home. Through extensive research and by bringing awareness as to what their products can offer, Valor made a name for themselves and quickly became a leader in their industry. They then worked on producing various styles and designs to provide products that not only function well, but look great in one’s home. Today, they are still selling modern and efficient gas fireplaces that make a perfect addition to anyone’s home.

Valor Styles Valor Gas Units - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney Sweeps

Whether you are looking for a zero clearance fireplace, a gas insert for a pre-existing fireplace, or something freestanding, Pozzi Chimney Sweep and Valor have various options for you. Finding the right product for your lifestyle is important. There are many different styles offered for each type of gas unit, so you can rest assured knowing you will not only purchase a product that runs well, but looks good in your home.

Valor Safety

When purchasing a fireplace, safety is the biggest issue to consider, especially in a home with small children. Valor’s products are designed with safety in mind. Each unit contains protective screens for your fireplace that help prevent unwanted contact with the glass surface, while it is still hot. Valor also offers a variety of accessories that will help in maintaining fire safety.

Pozzi Chimney Sweep Guarantee

Pozzi Chimney Sweep can guide you in purchasing the right Valor product for your home. Call us today to set up an appointment to find what works best for you. We offer advice and guidance to ensure that you are purchasing the right unit.

To keep up with fireplace safety, be sure to schedule a yearly cleaning and inspection for your fireplace to avoid any build-up of hazardous materials. Making sure your gas unit is running efficiently will offer peace of mind and will allow you the ability to relax with your family and enjoy the comfort of a low-maintenance fireplace throughout the cold months.