When To Replace Cracked Fireplace Panels And Backwalls

Fireplaces are a beautiful way to heat your home, as well as create a warm and inviting glow for friends and family to enjoy. If your home was not built with a fireplace already installed, and you have installed a factory built fireplace it is important to understand the components of this appliance, how they work and how to properly maintain them. Factory built fireplaces are great inserts for most homes, and typically use metal instead of masonry common with traditional fireplaces.

Replacing Firebox Panels - Aurora IL - Pozzi Chimney

A factory built fireplace is also different from a traditional fireplace because it does not use a concrete foundations. Instead, these fireplaces use insulated walls, glass doors and blowers to circulate heat. Make sure your pre-manufactured fireplace or woodstove is installed by a professional fireplace and chimney technician, because installing your fireplace wrong could result in your fireplace not operating correctly.

Maintaining Your Fireplace Insert

As with any major appliance, it is necessary to maintain your factory fireplace in order to keep it in top working order. In some cases the fireplace panels and backwalls in pre-fabricated fireplaces can crack, and this can make lighting a fire unsafe. This often happens with extended use. Luckily, replacement panels are easily found and installed. A benefit to having a factory fireplace is that parts are easily obtained in case they need to be replaced. If you are unsure if your panel or backwall needs to be replaced, contact a professional chimney and fireplace company. Pozzi Chimney Sweeps will be happy to come to your home and inspect your fireplace in order to recommend any repairs or replacements.

Benefits Of Fireplace Inserts

There are many benefits to installing a manufactured fireplace in your home. For starters, these types of appliances are typically more affordable than custom masonry fireplaces or woodstoves. Because of this, pre-fabricated fireplaces are also easy to install with the help of a professional because you won’t need to include a concrete foundation. These smaller appliances are also more manageable than larger fireplaces and woodstoves too, making them a reasonable add-on and a great investment for your home. When properly installed and regularly maintained, your factory fireplace can last many years.

Additional Safety Tips For Your Factory Fireplace

  • Never overload the fireplace
  • Only use appropriately treated wood
  • Never use painted or chemically treated wood
  • Do not use liquid fire starters
  • Have your chimney regularly swept and inspected
  • Always keep the glass doors close when you are not loading or lighting the firebox
  • Have a professional install and help maintain your factory fireplace

A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home. Not only can a pre-manufactured fireplace help keep your home warm and toasty but it also adds a gorgeous aesthetic that can’t be duplicated. Let Pozzi Chimney Sweeps help maintain your chimney with a regular inspection and sweeping, as well as inspection of your fireplace. A little maintenance can go a long with in keeping your home beautiful and safe so contact the experts at Pozzi Chimney Sweeps today.