Why Use Vented Gas Logs?

Gas logs provide a lot of extra convenience for homeowners with a fireplace. They do not require kindling and do not produce the mess associated with building a fire from regular wood logs. They are fueled with gas, meaning they simply need to be turned on and enjoyed. There are two options when it comes to using gas logs – vented or vent-free. Many choose to switch to gas logs because of their many benefits, and knowing which type to choose from is an important, but not always easy, decision to make.  Reasons to Use Vented Gas Logs - Aurora IL- Pozzi Chimney Sweep

Safety Concerns

For our customers, we recommend going with vented gas logs. There are many health risks and other issues associated with vent-free logs. Read up on just a few of the many concerns below.

  • Nasty Odor: The fumes associated with running gas logs have nowhere to go if there is not a proper venting system. Normally, these toxins make their ways outside, leaving the home gas-free and allowing homeowners to enjoy their fireplace to the fullest. With nowhere to go, these fumes linger and quickly stink up the entire household.
  • Increased Illness: Those living in the house can suffer from health issues after inhaling the toxins associated with burning vent-free gas logs. Gas levels have to be monitored very carefully to ensure that no one is breathing in harmful amounts. This leads to an increase in doctor bills and can lead to lasting health issues for those living in the home.
  • Excess Moisture: Condensation is known to accumulate when vent-free logs are used. This leads to moisture building up on the windows and walls that can eventually lead to mold and other issues. Too much water in the home will affect the structural soundness of the foundation and will hurt the value of the house when the time comes to resell.
  • More Restrictions: Vent-free logs cannot be run as long as vented options. They can be used for a few hours at a time, then must be shut down to ensure that an unhealthy amount of toxins do not enter the air. This means enjoyment must be cut short on countless occasions and, should the power go out, the fireplace cannot be relied on as a back-up heat source for extended periods of time.

If you decide that gas options are better for you when it comes to fireplace maintenance, call in an expert to make sure that installation is done correctly. When working with these types of products, you will want to be certain that everything is venting properly, ascertaining the safety and health of your home and family.

Pozzi Chimney Sweep has everything you need to ensure that your home is safe and that your gas fireplace is running as efficiently as possible. Give our experts a call today at 815-286-9922 and let us set you up right.